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    Seed Packets

    December 2, 2015 by Wikia-Critic

    I will be able to make seed packets for PvZ:O. World seed packets will take longer, but both can be requested. I will make both regardless of if they're requested or not. Start requesting now! Oh, and also, I'll put every seed packet by me here too.

    NOTE: I will add more to the galleries later.

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  • Wikia-Critic

    NOTE: I only need ideas for the zombies. I have everything else planned (except from Blank-Nut's new ability).

    It takes place in 1410. Nuff' said.

    Paintdrops can fall down from the sky onto a tile, covering it with paint. You can't plant on a tile which is covered with paint. They can fall onto occupied tiles.

    • - Mirabelle Plum - It protects all plants in a 3x3 area around it from Paintdrops.
    • - Plantbrush - It flicks sap at zombies. If a zombie gets too close, it flicks sap into their eyes, stunning them. After stunning a zombie, it has to recharge.
    • - Blank-Nut - It can be planted on. NEW ABILITY WANTED

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