Hello, a bureacrat is here, I want to talk about this wiki's progress.

From the start, we were a small community with a pretty bad Wiki, and now look! Look at the progress! We have a bot, the background changed, many pages are made! But, we won't stop now, we will continue to make it better :)

I have recorded most of the progress:

  1. The Wikia was created.
  2. Multiple pages were made.
  3. We had fun in the forum.
  4. I was promoted to b-crat.
  5. Other people were promoted to b-crat.
  6. The background was made.
  7. Multiple users were demoted.
  8. We got permission to make PvZO.
  9. We started to make pages.
  10. New rules.
  11. We decorated the Wikia with CSS.
  12. More rules.
  13. Staff page made.
  14. The records and other pages were made.
  15. We started to work on blogs.
  16. Font changed.
  17. I have disabled new galleries.
  18. 100+ Pages! :D
  19. We banned anons.
  20. Power PageMaker
  21. And other cool CSS
  22. Chat is now more active.
  23. The bot is created.
  24. The first bot run.

And many more stuff happened :)

Thanks everyone who helped with the growth of the Wikia! We can make it better.

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