New world idea! :d


Apple saucer - Flies above the ground and drops sticky apple sauce which slows down the zombies, can only be defeated by catapults or laser blasts.

Gatling Pea - It is the era after the war, right? Shoots small damaging peas in an endless stream.

Bearberry - Attacks zombies near it, does group damage and after a period of time, leaves the lawn damaging  zombies on its way (Can move in any pattern on the lawn)

Yam Slam - Face-plants the ground, causing small fissures on the 3 spaces in front of it.

Flaxophone - Stun zombies in front of it while doing damage.

Skunk Cabbage - Makes zombies in the lane all get stunned and lose 30% of their health.


Roaring Zombie

Roaring Conehead

Roaring Buckethead

Roaring flag Zombie

TV screen zombie - Another knight

Zombie Jazz Singer Group - Slows down all zombies and plants, and randomly damages a plant.

Aircraft Zombie - Slams into your lawn destroying all plants and zombies in a lane, can be semi stopped by E.M. Peach

Egypt Ruler Zombie - Commands all zombies to spawn 4 more zombies around them!

TV Seller Zombie - Sells TVs to basic zombies so they become TV screen zombies

Robber Zombie - Walks slowly until hit, then gains flighty speed

Gangster Zombies - Come in groups of 12-15 zombies

Zombie Scientist - Creates a time portal which allows zombies to gain full health again.

Actor Zombie - Turns into a random zombie

Catapult Zombie - Yeah....

Trash Can Zombie - Yeah....

Black n' White Imp - Same as normal imp but a bit faster

1920 Gargantuar - His attack destroys instantly kills defensive plants and spikerocks

Zombot Jazzic Destructor

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