• Thecoollittlepeashooter

    New world idea! :d

    Apple saucer - Flies above the ground and drops sticky apple sauce which slows down the zombies, can only be defeated by catapults or laser blasts.

    Gatling Pea - It is the era after the war, right? Shoots small damaging peas in an endless stream.

    Bearberry - Attacks zombies near it, does group damage and after a period of time, leaves the lawn damaging  zombies on its way (Can move in any pattern on the lawn)

    Yam Slam - Face-plants the ground, causing small fissures on the 3 spaces in front of it.

    Flaxophone - Stun zombies in front of it while doing damage.

    Skunk Cabbage - Makes zombies in the lane all get stunned and lose 30% of their health.

    Roaring Zombie

    Roaring Conehead

    Roaring Buckethead

    Roaring flag Zombie

    TV screen zombie -…

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  • Thecoollittlepeashooter

    Made for yolo.


    Primal peashooter - Fires giant boulders that stun zombies with a chance of pushin' 'em back.

    Primal wall-nut

    Costs more than a Wall-nut but recharges fast.

    Primal Sunflower

    Gives big suns but recharges slower.

    Primal Potato Mine

    Slower arming but explodes in a 3x3 area.

    Primal Chomper

    Same as King Pea's version but can eat 4 zombies and chews longer.

    Primal Cabbage-pult

    Throws huge cabbage at zombies but recharges slower.

    Primal Flower Pot


    Primal Garlic

    Acts like a Wall-nut, but diverts zombies in front of it when tapped on, needs to recharge befre tapping again.


    Enchants dinos in a lane to work for you.







    Tyrannosaurus Rex



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  • Thecoollittlepeashooter

    Hello, a bureacrat is here, I want to talk about this wiki's progress.

    From the start, we were a small community with a pretty bad Wiki, and now look! Look at the progress! We have a bot, the background changed, many pages are made! But, we won't stop now, we will continue to make it better :)

    I have recorded most of the progress:

    1. The Wikia was created.
    2. Multiple pages were made.
    3. We had fun in the forum.
    4. I was promoted to b-crat.
    5. Other people were promoted to b-crat.
    6. The background was made.
    7. Multiple users were demoted.
    8. We got permission to make PvZO.
    9. We started to make pages.
    10. New rules.
    11. We decorated the Wikia with CSS.
    12. More rules.
    13. Staff page made.
    14. The records and other pages were made.
    15. We started to work on blogs.
    16. Font changed.
    17. I have disabled new galleries. …
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  • Thecoollittlepeashooter

    Should we make pages like this?

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  • Thecoollittlepeashooter

    If anyone needs a certain color code and isn't good with coding or CSS or color codes, use this

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