Digital Revolution is a world in Plants vs. Zombies Online. It is based off the Digital Revolution.

Environmental Modificators

  • Lag: Plants become slower, making Server Wheat useful here.
  • Glitch: Zombies appear out of nowhere


Let's go digital and head back to the 1900s! Defeat the techno zombies of yesterday with the digital plants of the past!

+10 new plants!

+5 new zombies!

+29 new levels!

+1 Boss Battle!

+1 Endless Zone!

Brain Busters

Last Stand

Locked and Loaded

Save Our Seeds

Pixel Plummet (Whack-a-Zombie)




  • Innovator Zombie
  • Conehead Innovator
  • Buckethead Innovator
  • Flag Innovator
  • Idea Imp
  • Digital Gargantuar
  • Overheater Zombie
  • Pixel Shooter Zombie
  • Cellular Zombie
  • Gamer Zombie
  • Hacker Zombie
  • Zombot Digital Dropper

Endless Zone

Techno Trouble

Starting Plants

  • Peashooter
  • Sunflower
  • Wall-nut
  • Server Wheat

Unavailable Plants

  • Lily Pad
  • Tangle Kelp
  • Hot Potato
  • Gold Leaf
  • Thyme Warp


Coming Soon!

Plant Almanac Entries

Server Wheat

Server Wheat prevents plants from getting lag, but can overheat.

Sun Cost: 0

Toughness: Normal

Damage: N/A

Recharge: Fast

Special: Prevents plants from lagging

Special: Heats nearby plants

Special: Overheating can kill zombies

Attack Speed: N/A

Costume: Fan

Plant Food: Speeds up plants around it for 3 seconds.

Almanac Entry: Coming Soon


Calliflowers shoot radioactive cells that poison zombies overtime.

Sun Cost: 125

Toughness: Normal

Damage: Shot = 1.5, Radioactive = 3

Recharge: Fast

Special: Cells poison zombies overtime

Attack Speed: Normal

Costume: WiFi Signal

Plant Food: Shoots a large blob of radioactiveness.

Almanac Entry: Coming Soon.


Internuts spin to attack zombies.

Sun Cost: 75

Toughness: Elevated

Damage: 2

Recharge: Mediocre

Special: Spins can prevent zombies from walking past.

Attack Speed: 1 second

Costume: Frisbee

Plant Food: Spins in a 3x3 area.

Almanac Entry: Coming Soon

Pixel Grape

Pixel Grape blocks straight shots and return them.

Sun Cost: 200

Toughness: Normal

Damage: Depends

Recharge: Mediocre

Special: Returns straight shots

Attack Speed: Normal

Costume: Red Hat

Plant Food: Shoots 3 pixels that do 30 damage each.

Almanac Entry: Coming Soon


Bell-shrooms alert you when glitches happen or dangerous zombies will appear and does damage, but has to recharge for 5 seconds. (Doesn't sleep in this game)

Sun Cost: 150

Toughness: Normal

Damage: 2

Recharge: Fast

Special: Alerts when glitches or dangerous zombies appear.

Special: Ringing damages zombies

Attack Speed: Depends

Costume: Wind Chimes

Plant Food: Bell becomes bigger and rings, damaging zombies in a 5x5 area.

Almanac Entry: Coming Soon


P-Mail teleports the zombies that step on it to a tile of choice.

Sun Cost: 100

Toughness: Instant

Damage: N/A

Recharge: Slow

Special: Teleports zombies

Attack Speed: N/A

Costume: Mailbox

Plant Food: N/A

Almanac Entry: Coming Soon


Blazils grow 3 bolts of lightning that hit zombies.

Sun Cost: 150

Toughness: Normal

Damage: 5 per bolt

Recharge: Fast

Special: Shoots powerful bolts of lightning

Attack Speed: 3 seconds

Costume: Golf Club

Plant Food: Shoots lightning all around.

Almanac Entry: Coming Soon

Tesla Tree

Tesla Trees use electric shocks to damage zombies, can stun machines.

Sun Cost: 175

Toughness: Normal

Damage: 2

Recharge: Mediocre

Special: Can stun machines

Attack Speed: 1 second

Costume: Rubber Goggles

Plant Food: Turns white, dealing 3 damage per shock permanently.

Almanac Entry: Coming Soon

I-tea Leaf

I-tea Leaf blinds zombies that walk through.

Sun Cost: 100

Toughness: Normal

Damage: N/A

Recharge: Fast

Special: Blindness slows down zombies every 2 seconds.

Special: Lights up a small area.

Attack Speed: 2 seconds.

Costume: Pilot Hat

Plant Food: Shoots a beam of light that holds zombies in its row for 3 seconds.

Almanac Entry: Coming Soon

Mechanic Coconut

Shoots 3 tools that do different effects.

Sun Cost: 200

Toughness: Hardened

Damage: 3 (Saw)

Recharge: Fast

Special: Saw hits 2 zombies

Special: Hammer push zombies half a tile

Special: Wrench fixes defensive plants by 1 hp.

Attack Speed: 2 Seconds

Costume: Mechanic's Hat

Plant Food: Shoots a big screwdriver that does all of the power of the tools, but deals 40 damage to zombies instead.

Almanac Entry: Coming Soon


Basic 6 Zombies

All known.

Overheater Zombie

Heats up plants to damage them. Causes Server Wheat to explode.

Speed: Basic

Toughness: 20 hp

Pixel Shooter Zombie

Shoots pixels at plants that deal powerful damage.

Speed: Stiff

Toughness: 15 hp

Pixel Damage: 2 bites

Cellular Zombie

Gets annoyed if cellphone gets destroyed.

Speed: Normal (With Cellphone) Speedy (Without Cellphone)

Toughness: Cellphone (15 hp) Zombie (10 hp)

Gamer Zombie

Area of Effects have no effect on him.

Speed: Stiff

Toughness: 20 nds

Hacker Zombie

Hacks the lawn to remove plants.

Speed: Normal (Walking) Machined (Hacking)

Toughness: 15 nds

Zombot Digital Dropper


  • Missile Shot
  • Zombie Summon
  • Running Charge
  • Lagger- Creates lag in two lanes.
  • Pixel Shot- Shoots large pixels that push away 2 plants.


Phase 1:

  • Basic Trio
  • Overheater Zombie
  • Cellular Zombie

Phase 2:

  • Basic 5 (No Flag)
  • Cellular Zombie
  • Gamer Zombie

Phase 3:

  • Basic 4 (No Flag and Gargantuar)
  • Overheater Zombie
  • Cellular Zombie
  • Gamer Zombie
  • Hacker Zombie

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