The Magic Star

aka Starfruit

Codex Moderator
  • I program games from The Lawn
  • I join the system on October 11
  • My favorite games are Starfruit
  • I am Starfruit
  • The Magic Star

    Digital Revolution is a world in Plants vs. Zombies Online. It is based off the Digital Revolution.

    • Lag: Plants become slower, making Server Wheat useful here.
    • Glitch: Zombies appear out of nowhere

    Let's go digital and head back to the 1900s! Defeat the techno zombies of yesterday with the digital plants of the past!

    +10 new plants!

    +5 new zombies!

    +29 new levels!

    +1 Boss Battle!

    +1 Endless Zone!

    Last Stand

    Locked and Loaded

    Save Our Seeds

    Pixel Plummet (Whack-a-Zombie)


    • Server Wheat
    • Calliflower
    • Internut
    • Pixel Grape
    • Bell-shroom
    • P-Mail
    • Blazil
    • Tesla Tree (Gemium)
    • I-tea Leaf (Coinium)
    • Mechanic Coconut (Endium)

    • Innovator Zombie
    • Conehead Innovator
    • Buckethead Innovator
    • Flag Innovator
    • Idea Imp
    • Digital Gargantuar
    • Overheater Zombie
    • Pixel Shooter Zombie
    • Cellular Zombie
    • Gam…

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