• Mr. Fire Pea


    Help Gevolon get the 8 Dark Gems and defeat the evil Dark Spirit and his henchmen.

    The game is easy at first but gets very tricky when you progress.

    Get stamina, life, damage and speed upgrades to become the strongest.

    Good luck.


    Arrow keys: move

    Left mouse click: shoot

    Right mouse click: use object/action

    Z key: drag crates (when you're close to one)

    M key: toggle sound


    The story begins in a far, far away kingdom known as, the Grahkon Kingdom. One day, a mysterious being from a mysterious dimension known as the Dark Spirit has set a curse on the kingdom, summoning malevolent abominations in it. The 8 Dark Gems can lift the curse and Gevolon will do it. Can Gevolon get the 8 Dark Gems and defeat the Dark Spirit?

    I hope…

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