Hi, I'm here to write a little puzzle :)

You're in a room with 3 people. One of them always tells the truth, one always lies, and one is random, sometimes lying and sometimes telling the truth. To make matters worse, you don't know ANY of them!

Here are the puzzles:

  • 1 question: Suppose it's known that the random person is a serious criminal. You want to take one of them with you as a traveling companion, but you don't want a criminal! You have 1 question to figure out who's not the random person. (It's ok to take the liar with you)
  • 2 questions: There are two doors. One of them leads to treasure, the other has a fierce dragon that will eat you right away if you open his door. You are allowed to ask 2 questions to figure out the safe door.
  • 3 questions: Can you figure out everyone's truthfulness in 3 questions?


  1. All questions must be YES or NO. It must be possible for any of them to answer (no "will you answer this question with NO?")
  2. Each question can only be asked to one person. If you want to ask the same to two people, that's two questions!
  3. You are allowed to ask any legal question to any person. No paradoxes!
  4. No "is my next question true iff ..." as they don't know future questions.

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