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  • I program games from U! S! A!
  • I join the system on April 1
  • My favorite games are Musician. Artist? I don't know.
  • I am robot. And robots can't looove...
  • MangledMangle

    The Electrodome is a world that takes place in a 70's prom party. The music here is thumping, and the party don't stop till the zombies drop dead! Again! Anyways, this world has two gimmicks. Jams, like NMT, but with a bit of a twist. That twist is the Dance Floor. The ground here changes color and patterns depending on the jam that's playing. While music affects the zombies, the lights of the floor affect the plants. 

    • Jams: Much like NMT, they affect zombies and can activate special abilities. This time though, just one jam can slow down some zombies while speeding up others. They are as follows:
      • Rock: Rock speeds up zombies that react to Jazz, as well as Graffiti Zombies, and slows down zombies that react to Disco. Activates Rock Zombie's,…

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  • MangledMangle

    In celebration of "'Murica Day" (July 4th) I made this (to date this even more).

    PLZ NTE!: This is just a concept. Most things will probably change, including names, actions, etc.

    American Discovery is a world created by MangledMangle. It takes place when  America was first discovered and explorered, more specifically in 1492. The lawn takes place on a beach, however tides are not a problem. Sometimes, Native Zombies can come from the forest around the lawn and move on forward. Otherwise, American Explorer Zombies will wash up on shore and move onward.

    It's 1492, and the plants have made a terrifying discovery; the zombies are headed straight for them, and their own discovery (of brains)! Set up your defenses, and keep those zombies from sett…

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