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  • I program games from the lawn
  • I join the system on February 27
  • My favorite games are Working/Fixing the Wiki and Playing Games
  • I am A Pokemon and Plants vs. Zombies fan
  • Lily8763cp

    Note:The name of the world is just a beta. Also I will still work on Wright Flight.

    This world is set in 1346, a horrible time that happens during the plague. Some zombies carry this deadly disease but some humans have decided to risk it all and help you. This world has 35(?) levels.

    Some zombies are called "Plague" Zombies and have the plague, poisoning plants they bite so even if they die, unless cured by Medical Aloe, will slowly get damaged over time until they eventually wither away.

    In some levels, people run out of their houses to try and hurt zombies to assist the player, however they are often in the 6th, 7th or 8th slot and if eaten by a zombie, they too will become zombies.

    Similar to Dark Ages and some other worlds, this world is a…

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  • Lily8763cp

    Note:I will still update Tropic Terror

    This world takes place in 1903, the year that Wright brothers created the first airplane. There's 32 levels in total.

    The world has a mechanic very similar to Castle in the Sky, there's a sky that you can't plant on expect for air plants.

    Blover and Hurrikale, due to their ability has a very slow recharge in this world.

    Zombies in air vehicles can instantly run over and destroy any plants in the sky on Cotton Clouds or just in general expect for Primal Wall-nut (immune to crushing), Cotton Cloud and Spinapple.

    The first part (if parts are used) is called departure and the second part is called landing, a reference to how airplane flights are usually scheduled.

    King Pea also has ideas for this world you can …

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  • Lily8763cp


    This world is a world set in a tropic future in recently token over Hawaii. Puddles can't be planted on by anything but aquatic plants and they randomly appear, summoned by rain or the Water Buckethead Zombie. There is a total of 35 levels in this world.

    • Puddles- These puddles will be created and disappear randomly, only water plants can be planted on these puddles and they will die if the puddles disappear in 5 seconds, but the Leek can make puddles...and make that tile a permanent puddle unless the plant that removes all water is used. Any other fire plant can evaporate puddles nearby in a 3x3 area but if a whole row becomes puddles, it becomes a wat…

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