This is my outline for the Viking World which has a slop like the roof world. You're house is a viking boat that has landed on a beach and the zombies are trying to get odwn the mountain to eat your brains. Lobbed shot plants are recommend as straight plants will have difficulty aiming. There are only three flat rows on the lawn and they are  the three furthest form the house. I still need some dieas but the general theme of the plants is that they are either lobbed or ice theme, make sure that they are lobbed and or can deal with the slope.


Slope: The lawn is sloped and this makes it difficult to use straight plants. Lobbed shot plants are recommend. Zombies also have abilities that relate to the slope.


Canta-Lob: Lobs cantaloupes at zombies. It's fire rate increases everytime it hits a zombie and it will reset when that zombie has been killed.

Chillantro: Lobbed shot plant that chills zombies on a tile and has a chance to freeze zombies.

Frozemary: Blows zombies with icy breath that makes them slower the longer they are in it until they eventually freeze. He can also aim it upward to deal with slope and flying zombies. It can also blow frozen zombies backwards however this ability doesn't work on the slope. 

Scourscop: Has a slow fire rate, and it's projectiles only deal moderate damage, however they will scour and destroy armour incredibly quickly.

Scatoregano: Lobs three projectiles at a time that go into random leanes each. Upon hitting a zombie they will bursst into three smaller projectiles each and go to other zombies in other lanes. The large projecitles do onrmal damage and the smaller ones do light damage.

Flickotine: Flicks nicotine filled projectiles that make zombies addicted. Addicted zombies will slowly lose health unless they bite Flickotines. If they bite Flickotines, the will speed upa nd remove the damage.

Spinnamin: Launches rolling cinnamin blades that cut through zombies and ignore armour. Has a very slow fire rate.


Viking Zombie

Viking Conehead

Viking Buckethead

Viking Flag

Nordic Imp

Viking Helmet: Has machined toughness.

Chieftan Gargantuar: Has a shile dhe can use to blokc attacks, lobbed or straight. Can only pick one and he cannot move while blocking.

Dragonrider Imp: Imp piloted dragon that can flutter over plants or breathe fire a tile ahead. 

Axe Zombie: Can slice plants with his axe dealing hevay damage, or he can lob it.

Horn Zombie: Blows a horn causing an avalanch. Avalances destroy plants they encounter and make zombies descend  down the hill faster, it also turns imps into small snowballs taht fire plants are immune to.

Snowball Zombie: Bully zombie that pushes a snowball down the hill, the snoabll is instantly detroyed bby fire plants and contains some imps. Also creates an icy trail.

Doglsed Zombie: Pursues plants on the ice trail made by Snowball Zombie

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