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  • I program games from Canada
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  • My favorite games are The Plants vs. Zombies Games
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  • King Pea

    AVGN Adventures 3 Idea

    April 23, 2016 by King Pea

    This is my idea for a third installment in the AVGN Adventures series after the release of AVGN 2 Assimilation. Just as a heads up, if bad language bothers you, please don't read this as the AVGN series if full of profanities. This game has a similar formula to the second game. Stages are min worlds with 3 stages each, the third has the boss of that stage and the other two have min bosses including a returning character from the last game.

    Possible names for 3rd game:

    AVGN 3 Console Wars

    AVGN 3 A-COCK-alypse

    AVGN 3 A-CRAP-alypse


    It's a peaceful day on Earth when pixelated aliens from Jupiter arrive and plan to dominate the planet. They posses video game consoles and use them to turn the world into a shitty game. The Nerd is playing shitty …

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  • King Pea

    This is my outline for the Viking World which has a slop like the roof world. You're house is a viking boat that has landed on a beach and the zombies are trying to get odwn the mountain to eat your brains. Lobbed shot plants are recommend as straight plants will have difficulty aiming. There are only three flat rows on the lawn and they are  the three furthest form the house. I still need some dieas but the general theme of the plants is that they are either lobbed or ice theme, make sure that they are lobbed and or can deal with the slope.

    Slope: The lawn is sloped and this makes it difficult to use straight plants. Lobbed shot plants are recommend. Zombies also have abilities that relate to the slope.

    Canta-Lob: Lobs cantaloupes at zombie…

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  • King Pea

    Hey guys, this is my rough outline for Undead Dynasty, Plants vs. Zombies Online's international Kung-Fu World. IT has some changes form the original but keeps most of what was already there. Please give feedback to improve this outline.

    1. Zen Tiles: Zen Tiles work like Sun Tiles, except they produce plant food instead of sun. As long as a plant is on it, it will produce plant food occasionally, but not as often as a Sun Tile produces sun. Zenobias allow the player to plant Zen Tiles in other worlds.

    2. Weapon Stands: Weapon Stands act similarly to Tombstones, but if a basic zombie walks by them, they will pick up a weapon. Destroy them quickly before they buff too many zombies and give them special abilities.

    1. Brussel Scout: Travels ahead…

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  • King Pea

    This is my outlne for Wright Flight, it is intended to be merged with Lily's after he reads it and we discuss the merge. This is also very rough and I'm open to suggestions, especially form Lily.

    Wright Flight

    1. Air: There are only three rows you can plant plants on as the rest is air, only flying plants can be planted on air. Regular plants require the Cotton Cloud in order to be planted on air.

    2. Weather: During a level the weather can change, the weather effects both plants and zombies. 

    Normal: Nothing happens.

    Snow: Zombies and plants are slower and plants can become frozen. Fire plants are immune to this effect.

    Rain: Rain makes zombies a little slower than normal. Does not effect plants.

    Lightning: Creates flashes, thunder and lighting b…

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  • King Pea

    King Pea's New Time Twister

    December 11, 2015 by King Pea

    Here is my new outline for Time Twsiter our final world. It's like an alternate take on the real game's Modern Day. Please give feedback. Also this will not use the Shadow Plants, they can go in another world,Project Paradox, wihch is like Modern Day and is a prequel to Time Twister. This version has time themed plants. It is also the only world in PVZ O to be released in parts. With Part 1 and Part 2. Part 1 is more about retunring zombies and old bain busters, while part 2 is more about zombie plants.

    Prepare for Dr. Zomboss' Project Paradox, the Time Twister. Full of time rifts, old and new enemies you aren't looking to forward to seeing, undead plants, and the one thing Dave craves. Get ready for a real party. Time to finish this.

    All gi…

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