Pompeii's Destruction is a world (entry) for Plants vs. Zombies Online.




Normal Plants

Pear Conditioner

COST: 25 sun

REFRESH: Mediocre

Cools plants in a 3x3 area, to prevent them from overheating.


COST: 250 sun

RANGE: 3 Tiles

REFRESH: Mediocre

Attack Speed: 2.8 seconds

Turns zombies in range to stone, stopping the zombie permanently, but doubling the zombie's health.

Thief Leaf

See here: Thief Leaf

Apple Jackhammer

COST: 25 sun

RANGE: Single

REFRESH: Mediocre

Shatters the rock layer of a petrified zombie, turning it into a normal zombie.


COST: 350 sun


REFRESH: Sluggish

DAMAGE: Large (15 NDS)

AOE: Tile

Tap to aim a giant orange somewhere in the lane.

Greek Fir

COST: 150 sun

DAMAGE: Light (0.5 NDS)

AOE: Single (fires latches on to nearby zombies as well)

Burns the target zombie, and fire spreads to nearby zombies.


COST: 50, then doubles each planting.

Attack Speed: 4.8 seconds

Usage: Summons a basic, conehead, or buckethead zombie


Spicy Pepper (1500 Coins)

COST: 75

DAMAGE: light

Usage: Once eaten, the zombie will breathe fire at other zombies.

Saturnip (129 Gems)

COST: 150, then doubles each planting.

Usage: Creates a time tile, which slows zombies 95% when stepped on.


Pompeiian Zombie, Conehead, Buckethead

'nuff said.

Cavalry Imp

Bull rider, but with a horse.

Gladiator Gargantuar

Is fireproof. Throws a Petrified Imp at half health.

Legionnaire Zombie

Cannot be attacked by straight projectiles.

Shield absorbs 20 NDS, the helmet absorbs 10 NDS.

The Legionnaire itself absorbs 10 NDS.

Centurion Zombie

Summons 8 Legionnaire Zombies in a ring formation.

Helmet absorbs 30 NDS, with degrades at 20 NDS, and 10 NDS, before falling of at 0 NDS.

The Centurion itself absorbs 10 NDS.

Javelin Zombie

Runs 5 tiles forwards, then throws the javelin. If there is a plant in the way, it acta likea Pole Vaulter Zombie.

Petrified Variants

Move 50% slower, but have double health.


Surprise Attack

The surprise attack for this world is called Eruption. Several lava tiles form and several Petrified Imps also land.

Environment Modificator

Lava tiles act like sliders from Frostbite Caves. The difference is that fireproof zombies can walk over them. If a non-fireproof zombie is pushed (by Hurrikale, etc.) on to a lava tile, the zombie will die.


Plants will die after 45 seconds of exposure to the air. Ice plants cool nearby plants, but will die after 75 seconds. Fire plants speed up the heating of nearby plants 25%, but cannot die from exposure.

Level List


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