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  • Itsleo20

    Pompeii's Destruction is a world (entry) for Plants vs. Zombies Online.


    COST: 25 sun

    REFRESH: Mediocre

    Cools plants in a 3x3 area, to prevent them from overheating.

    COST: 250 sun

    RANGE: 3 Tiles

    REFRESH: Mediocre

    Attack Speed: 2.8 seconds

    Turns zombies in range to stone, stopping the zombie permanently, but doubling the zombie's health.

    See here: Thief Leaf

    COST: 25 sun

    RANGE: Single

    REFRESH: Mediocre

    Shatters the rock layer of a petrified zombie, turning it into a normal zombie.

    COST: 350 sun

    RANGE: Lane

    REFRESH: Sluggish

    DAMAGE: Large (15 NDS)

    AOE: Tile

    Tap to aim a giant orange somewhere in the lane.

    COST: 150 sun

    DAMAGE: Light (0.5 NDS)

    AOE: Single (fires latches on to nearby zombies as well)

    Burns the target zombie, and fire spreads to nearby zombies.


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