• Gummyboys

    My new world

    June 30, 2015 by Gummyboys

    Welcome traveler to the year of 1896 where you have made your way to alaska to make yourself a fortune! However zombies have attacked so you need protection, use new plants like the bladderwart, goldenrod, yam slam, and more! Mine gold like a pro and utilize a creek running down the middle of the map to kill those pesky prospectors, its your gold after all.

    •New plants!

    •New zombies!

    •Golden Ore which can be harvested by goldenrod.

    •River to plant aquatic plants on!

    •Over 35 new levels, plenty time to get rich!

    •Many more things i have forgot to mention!

    Okay so the basic premises of this world is that there is a creek running from the top of the screen down, it is 3 blocks wide and aquatic plants may be planted in it. Aswell as Golden ore, some …

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