I'm going to abandon Great Depression. Here goes.



This is the Gemium of the world. It sucks 5 zombies into it, doing a different thing to them depending on what shows are on. Then, it releases the zombies, and does the effect. Needs to sleep though after doing this process.

  • Action = Zombies are instantly killed.
  • News = Zombies are sent back to where they started. They are not healed.
  • Sports = Zombies are sent back 3 tiles and are chilled.

Sun cost: 400

Recharge: Mediocre

Almanac entry:

Celevision is one of the necessities needed in YOUR home. Call (206) 328-0300 today and you could have a chance to win one!


  • It sucks zombies with its antenna.
  • It costs 209 gems.
  • The phone number in the almanac entry is PopCap's phone number.
  • It's a pun on celery and television.


This is the first plant unlocked in the world. It launches a frisbee that pierces zombies, but sometimes the frisbee could bounce to other zombies, similar to Bowling Bulb. However, it goes in a diagonal direction.

Sun cost: 175

Recharge: Fast

Almanac entry:

"Ah, the wonderful frisbee. One of the newest toys. I wonder who invented it, anyway." says Frisbean. He may be outdated on his history, but he packs more than a punch.


  • It's a pun on Frisbee, and bean.


Sod-a is the second plant unlocked in The Fifties. It stays burrowed, until a zombie walks onto it. Once the zombie walks on it, Sod-a rises and sprays soda all over the screen, dealing 15 NDS to every zombie in a 5x4 area, and also slowing them down.

Sun cost: 150

Recharge: Slow

Almanac entry:

Sod-a is addicted to his favorite drink, which is soda. Poor guy doesn't release how much cavities he has now.


  • It's a pun on Sod and soda.


Business Zombie

Classic zombie.

Business Zombie has been looking for a job. Nobody wants to hire him though, they say he's too "short-tempered".

Business Conehead

Classic Conehead.

At one point, brains weren't his favorite food. Until now.

Fedora Buckethead

Classic Buckethead.

Once, Business Buckethead found a bucket full of brains. He carries the bucket on his head to remember the delicious meal.

Housewife Zombie

Housewife Zombie can use a broom or vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner can instantly kill plants, but can easily be broken. Brooms are basically a shovel, but it can't be used to dig up plants.

Housewife Zombie is tired that she has to work at home. One day, she hopes that all women will have equal rights as men.

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