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  • Bearjedi

    I'm going to abandon Great Depression. Here goes.

    This is the Gemium of the world. It sucks 5 zombies into it, doing a different thing to them depending on what shows are on. Then, it releases the zombies, and does the effect. Needs to sleep though after doing this process.

    • Action = Zombies are instantly killed.
    • News = Zombies are sent back to where they started. They are not healed.
    • Sports = Zombies are sent back 3 tiles and are chilled.

    Sun cost: 400

    Recharge: Mediocre

    Almanac entry:

    Celevision is one of the necessities needed in YOUR home. Call (206) 328-0300 today and you could have a chance to win one!

    • It sucks zombies with its antenna.
    • It costs 209 gems.
    • The phone number in the almanac entry is PopCap's phone number.
    • It's a pun on celery and tel…

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