• Baconboys

    African safari!

    July 16, 2015 by Baconboys

    Welcome! we hope you are having a good trip, because the zombies have caught up to you.

    fight new zombies like, the zombie poacher, lion rider, and jeep zombie.

    The new gimmicks:

    •Sun falls much more often, but it is only worth 25 sun each

    •tall grass: the last 4 collumns will be covered in tall grass, plants can not be planted in tall grass, and plants can not see zombies in tall grass. tall grass can be damaged by fire plants, and blade plants, like bloomerang!. (zombies heads can be seen through grass, just not by the plants)

    • special event is called HATARI!! where several bird zombies fall out of the sky.

    Endless zone. is called savannah showdown.

    starting plants are:

    Pea shooter, Sun flower, Wall nut, And weed wacker.

    List of new plants. (mor…

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