The Skull Cap is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies Online. It is a defensive plant that poisons zombies in a 3x3 area around it, it creates a huge cloud of noxious gas that poisons zombies within a diamond-shaped area when destroyed. It is the ninth plant obtained in Party '99. Specifically after Night 32.


The Skull Cap can withstand 40 bites and its appearance changes upon at 13 and 26 bites before disappearing at 40 bites, it has a small poisonous sheet of fog in a 3x3 area that poisons zombies permanently, dealing 1 nds/second, it will also release a cloud of noxiously toxic gas in a diamond-shaped area that poisons zombies for 1 second, dealing 2 nds/second when destroyed, the zombies will keep getting poisoned as long as they stay in the area. The cloud lasts for 5 seconds. An interesting trait about the sheet of fog and the cloud is shared with Dandelion, Smoke Stalk and other plants; it can be blown away using wind plants. Doing this can effectively spread the poison across the lawn, at the cost of making it go away more quickly than it should and nullifying the Skull Cap until it creates a new sheet of fog, which takes 30 seconds.

Almanac Entry

Sun Cost: 75

Toughness: Elevated

Area: 3x3 (normal) Diamond-Shape (destroyed)

Recharge: Mediocre

Skull Caps are defensive plants that releases a poisonous sheet of fog in a 3x3 area, then explodes into a poisonous cloud that covers a large diamond-shaped area when destroyed

Special: Poisons nearby zombies

Special: Explodes into a large poisonous cloud when destroyed

Special: Sheet of fog and cloud can be blown away using wind plants

Weakness: Takes time to recreate sheet of fog

Almanac Entry: TBD


  • Crystal Mask
  • Baseball Cap

Plant Food

When fed Plant Food, the Skull Cap launches 10 big poisonous spores at random groups of zombies that permanently poisons them, instantly restores fog if blown away



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