Sea Weed is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies Online. It is the last plant obtained in the City of Atlantis, and is unlocked on Day 29. It allows for aquatic plants such as Anemone and Posidonia to be planted above water.


Allows aquatic plants to be planted above water.

Almanac Entry

Sun Cost: 50

Toughness: Typical
Recharge: Fast

Sea Weeds allow for aquatic plants to be planted on land.

Sea Weed is basically the exact opposite of Bubble Weed, but they still get along well, as little as they see each other, even though Bubble Weed's pretty energetic while Sea Weed is cool and laid back. Ironically, Sea Weed wants to live in water, while Bubble Weed wants to at least see land. It gets weirder though. Red is Bubble Weed's favorite color, Blue is Sea Weed's. Sea Weed likes dogs, Bubble Weed like cats. It goes on and on. The only thing that isn't complete opposite of them is how weird they both think it is.

Plant Food Effect

Summons four more Sea Weeds next to him.


  • Sea Weed is built to be the exact opposite of Bubble Weed.

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