WorldKey This page is about a world that has already been created and used in another PvZ game. You can read about the original world at the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki.


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  This is a revamped version of the Wild West. It has no major changes besides the addition of new plants and zombies. The main gimmick of the world is mine carts, that can move the plant that is planted on it around the column. However, plants cannot be planted on the rails of the track.

Game Description

Yee haw! Head on down the dusty trail to the ye' ol' Wild West! Battle the lone zombies of the sandy land, and keep your brains safe from the gunslinging zombies of the 19th century. Use the mine carts on the lawn to your advantage, and show them zombies who's the fastest shooter in the west!

Environment Modifiers

  • Mine Carts: Can move a plant around in the column, but plants cannot be planted on the rails.


  • Split Pea: Shoots one pea forwards and two peas backwards.
  • Chili Bean: Kills the zombie that eats it. That zombie will fart and stun other zombies behind him.
  • Pea Pod: Can be planted on up to five times to increase how many peas it fires. Max is 5.
  • Lightning Reed: Zaps zombies with lightning. The lightning chains off nearby zombies, and the Lightning Reed can also attack in the two adjacent lanes.
  • Melon-pult: Lobs melons that have 3x3 splash damage.
  • Winter Melon: Lobs melons that chill zombies in a 3x3 area.
  • Cactus: Shoots spikes that pierce several zombies. When zombies are nearby, it will hide and do ground damage.
  • Law Pea: Fires a burst of six lead peas but then needs to reload.
  • Rumbleweed: Can be planted on top of another plant and will add a weak melee attack and some extra toughness. When defeated, he will rush down his lane damaging any zombies he encounters.


  • Cowboy Zombie
  • Cowboy Conehead
  • Cowboy Buckethead
  • Cowboy Flag Zombie
  • Western Gargantuar
  • Western Imp
  • Prospector Zombie
  • Pianist Zombie
  • Chicken Wrangler Zombie
  • Zombie Chicken
  • Zombie Bull
  • Gunslinger Zombie
  • Lasso Zombie
  • Horse Rider Zombie
  • Zombie Horse
  • Tomahawk Zombie
  • Sheriff Zombie
  • Zombot War Wagon

Vasebreaker Pack Level Table

Name: Western Challenge Pack

Name Plants Zombies Total Vases Types of Vases Mine cart setup
Split Decision Split Pea(4), 


Chili Bean(3)

Cowboy Zombie(6), Cowboy Conehead(5), Prospector Zombie(3), Poncho Zombie(5) 30

(10 Plants) (19 Zombies) (1 Plant Food)

Green(3), Brown (27) 6th Column, full column.
Chicken Skewers Repeater(6),


Chili Bean(3),


Cowboy Zombie(2), Conehead Cowboy(2), Poncho Zombie(4), Pianist Zombie(1), Chicken Wrangler Zombie(5) 30

(15 Plants) (14 Zombies) (1 Plant Food)

Green(3), Brown(27) 2nd Column, top two spaces.
The Mine Cart Peashooter(4),

Potato Mine(5),

Iceberg Lettuce(4),

Split Pea(5)

Conehead Cowboy(3), Prospector Zombie(3), Poncho Zombie(9), Bull Rider Zombie(1) 35

(18 Plants) (15 Zombies) (1 Plant Food)

Green(3), Brown(27) 1st and 9th Column, full columns.

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