The Light Bulb is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies Online. It lights up the entire lawn, but short circuits and disappears after a certain amount of time. It is the second plant obtained on Day 2 in the Industrial Revolution.


When first planted, Light Bulb will take a while to burrow out of the ground. Afterwards, it will turn on and light up the entire lawn. It lasts for a while, however it will eventually short circuit. When it does, it will slightly damage zombies in a 5x5 area and then disappear.

Almanac Entry

Sun Cost: 50

Damage: Slight
Area: Full Board
Recharge: Mediocre

Light Bulb illuminates the entire lawn, but short circuits after a while.

Almanac Entry: Light Bulb is usually kind, carring, and loves being as bright as she can be! Although sometimes she gets a twitchy and starts short circuiting. It's nothing big, she'll just burrow undergound, and wait it out for a few seconds, and get back into the battlefield when she's ready to go! Just like that. She loves helping others so much she'll reanimate from the dead.

Plant Food Effect

Light Bulb damages all zombies on screen for a while, and resets it's short circuit counter. The closer the zombies are to Light Bulb, the more damage they take.



  • It is the first new plant obtained in the Industrial Revolution.
  • It's name is a pun on the technological Light Bulb and a bulb, which is a part of a plant.

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