The Inter-Nut is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies Online. It is a defensive plant that is able to regenerate itself like Infi-Nut, but it can heal faster with each Inter-Nut you plant. It is the third plant obtained on Party '99. Specifically after Night 7.


The Inter-Nut's hologram can withstand 40 bites and its appearance changes upon at 13 and 26 bites before disappearing at 40 bites. It will regain its health after 15 seconds without being bitten. In case its hologram disappears, it will take 15 seconds to reappear, the time it takes to regenerate/respawn is reduced by 1 second for every Inter-Nut you plant. The effect is stacked and applied to all Inter-Nuts, even newly planted ones, for example, the player already planted 1 Inter-Nut, before the player plants another, the Inter-Nut will take exactly 15 seconds to regenerate, when the player plants another, both Inter-Nuts will connect and will now take exactly 14 seconds to regenerate. This can be reversed by destroying the Inter-Nut by smashing or digging or etc. They also have a secondary ability of being immune to projectiles and lasers and not take damage from them.

Almanac Entry

Sun cost: 175

Toughness: Elevated

Recharge: Mediocre

Inter-Nuts are Infi-nut that can connect to each other to heal faster, immune to projectiles

Special: Regenerates health overtime

Special: Heals faster with each Inter-nut planted

Special: Immune to projectiles

Special: Glows in a 3x3 area

Almanac Entry: In 1999, Inter-Nut is considered the peak of technology at the time, TBD


  • Headphones
  • Computer

Plant Food

When fed with Plant Food, the Inter-Nut sends a silver force field across the column and heals all Inter-Nuts onsreen. The force field's power is increased in strength for every Inter-Nut that is present on the lawn. The forcefield can block all projectiles, lasers and magic and not take damage. Its Plant Food ability allows the Inter-Nut to hold off flying zombies like Tall-nut. The shield can absorb a total of 200 bites.


  • It is the first Defensive plant obtained in Party '99.
  • It's one of the many plants to be referred as a female by the almanac.
  • It is one of the few plants to be able to regenerate.

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