Hell On Earth takes place in 2100, in an era when scientific discovery is almost doubling per year. After the events of 2052, explained later in the story, scientists started working on multi-dimensional travel. What they didn't realise is that the events if 2052 would come back to haunt them.

Story (Our Dimension)

The year was 2034. Scientists have discovered how to make a mini black hole, with limited density, for a split second. This tech pushes science development forward by years, causing discoveries to double per year. By 2052, humans could create full size black holes for a split second. In the same year, a super-advanced scanner detects a massive alien meteorite, heading directly for Earth. As the Rock was still in the Oort Cloud, scientists fired a beam towards it, opening a black hole just in time to suck it into oblivion. Or so they thought...

In 2100, humans found out how to travel to another dimension. In a isolated lab, they built a portal. It was a success. The portal opened, but what they saw was terrifying. It was the mirror of Earth, but Hell had broken loose...

Story (Their Dimension)

The year was 2034. Scientists were demonstrating a new device to create a mini black hole. The device failed, and all of New York was destroyed. The radioactivity created a new virus. This disease caused people to foam at the mouth, become drowsy and have an appetite to bite other humans, infecting them. Nicknamed 'Zombie Disease', this virus was controlled fairly quickly. However, by 2046, the virus had became a threat. The infected had no control over their body. Civil war broke out as it spread across the globe. Goverments told scientists to stop developing tech and to make better weapons to fight wars they predicted would soon break out.

Then came the year 2052. Using a highly developed radar, they to detected the asteroid. Using a super-advanced laser weapon, they obliterated the rock. But, soon after the explosion, a black hole opened up, releasing a cloud of Oort dust and another asteroid. With nothing to stop the rock, all the people could do was to watch as their doom came from the sky.

Inside the rock was an alien lifeform know as 'Demons'. These beasts somehow survived the explosion when the rock hit the Earth. All of America was destroyed. Earthquakes and cracks wrecked most of the world. The planet was forced into an orbit closer to the Sun, causing increased global warming. Part of the planet was blown off, the tectonic plates floating around in space. This Hell was what we discovered upon opening the portal...

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