• WaterBlazu


    October 18, 2016 by WaterBlazu

    I always wanted to make the game. But i won't, so i drawed some characters and I thought it will be okay when i share it with people, so this wiki is perfect for this idea. I will sometimes giving an update for my "games", but i want some tips from you. Thank you for reading this and I really belive you help me (with some tips) because i'm new. Sorry for my bad English, because i'm from other country.

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  • King Pea

    AVGN Adventures 3 Idea

    April 23, 2016 by King Pea

    This is my idea for a third installment in the AVGN Adventures series after the release of AVGN 2 Assimilation. Just as a heads up, if bad language bothers you, please don't read this as the AVGN series if full of profanities. This game has a similar formula to the second game. Stages are min worlds with 3 stages each, the third has the boss of that stage and the other two have min bosses including a returning character from the last game.

    Possible names for 3rd game:

    AVGN 3 Console Wars

    AVGN 3 A-COCK-alypse

    AVGN 3 A-CRAP-alypse


    It's a peaceful day on Earth when pixelated aliens from Jupiter arrive and plan to dominate the planet. They posses video game consoles and use them to turn the world into a shitty game. The Nerd is playing shitty …

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  • Coollittlepeashooter

    Bla bla bla

    February 27, 2016 by Coollittlepeashooter

    Please ignore this unless I told you to look at it. Neon Mixtape Tour - Day 33

    3 Flags

    Choose Your Seeds without catapult Plants and Primal Sunflower

    10 Endangered Marigolds at first 2 columns

    AE Tombstones at final column

    1st Lane 2nd Lane 3rd Lane 4th Lane Fifth Lane Additonal Info
    Conehead Zombie 
    Conehead Zombie
    Conehead Zombie

    First flag immediately
    Buckethead Zombie
    Newspaper Zombie
    100% Plant Food
    Stegosaurus Raptor Ankylosaurus Pterodactyl T. Rex

    All-Star Fossilhead Zombie Surfer  Zombie 5 Jurassic Bullies Chicken Wranglar

    All-Star All-Star All-Star All-Star All-Star

    Surfer Zombie, Fossilhead Zombie, Conehead Zombie All-Star Zombie, Buckethead Zombie, Jurassic Bully, Jurassic Gargantuar Bug Bot Imp, Surfer Zombie Jurassic Bully, Fossilhead Zom…

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  • King Pea

    This is my outline for the Viking World which has a slop like the roof world. You're house is a viking boat that has landed on a beach and the zombies are trying to get odwn the mountain to eat your brains. Lobbed shot plants are recommend as straight plants will have difficulty aiming. There are only three flat rows on the lawn and they are  the three furthest form the house. I still need some dieas but the general theme of the plants is that they are either lobbed or ice theme, make sure that they are lobbed and or can deal with the slope.

    Slope: The lawn is sloped and this makes it difficult to use straight plants. Lobbed shot plants are recommend. Zombies also have abilities that relate to the slope.

    Canta-Lob: Lobs cantaloupes at zombie…

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  • Lily8763cp

    Note:The name of the world is just a beta. Also I will still work on Wright Flight.

    This world is set in 1346, a horrible time that happens during the plague. Some zombies carry this deadly disease but some humans have decided to risk it all and help you. This world has 35(?) levels.

    Some zombies are called "Plague" Zombies and have the plague, poisoning plants they bite so even if they die, unless cured by Medical Aloe, will slowly get damaged over time until they eventually wither away.

    In some levels, people run out of their houses to try and hurt zombies to assist the player, however they are often in the 6th, 7th or 8th slot and if eaten by a zombie, they too will become zombies.

    Similar to Dark Ages and some other worlds, this world is a…

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  • Mr. Boss-inator

    My first game?

    January 4, 2016 by Mr. Boss-inator

    Here it is. The page is undder construction and the game is very raw, so I haven't uploaded it yet. You can follow the page to see when I release the first version of the game or an update.

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  • King Pea

    Hey guys, this is my rough outline for Undead Dynasty, Plants vs. Zombies Online's international Kung-Fu World. IT has some changes form the original but keeps most of what was already there. Please give feedback to improve this outline.

    1. Zen Tiles: Zen Tiles work like Sun Tiles, except they produce plant food instead of sun. As long as a plant is on it, it will produce plant food occasionally, but not as often as a Sun Tile produces sun. Zenobias allow the player to plant Zen Tiles in other worlds.

    2. Weapon Stands: Weapon Stands act similarly to Tombstones, but if a basic zombie walks by them, they will pick up a weapon. Destroy them quickly before they buff too many zombies and give them special abilities.

    1. Brussel Scout: Travels ahead…

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  • King Pea

    This is my outlne for Wright Flight, it is intended to be merged with Lily's after he reads it and we discuss the merge. This is also very rough and I'm open to suggestions, especially form Lily.

    Wright Flight

    1. Air: There are only three rows you can plant plants on as the rest is air, only flying plants can be planted on air. Regular plants require the Cotton Cloud in order to be planted on air.

    2. Weather: During a level the weather can change, the weather effects both plants and zombies. 

    Normal: Nothing happens.

    Snow: Zombies and plants are slower and plants can become frozen. Fire plants are immune to this effect.

    Rain: Rain makes zombies a little slower than normal. Does not effect plants.

    Lightning: Creates flashes, thunder and lighting b…

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  • Redstinger101

    Ummm Question!

    December 18, 2015 by Redstinger101

     Hi Redstinger here! I am just asking, how do you get to be bureaucrat or an admin, do you have to earn it or they just give it to you after joining a while? Anyways just asking! I just want to be an admin if I make enough edits! THanks , and please get back to me! :)

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  • Redstinger101


    December 18, 2015 by Redstinger101

    Hi i am new here! If anyone an show me something, that would be awesome!! Well see you later! Signed, Redstinger 101 P.S I already know some people on the wiki

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  • King Pea

    King Pea's New Time Twister

    December 11, 2015 by King Pea

    Here is my new outline for Time Twsiter our final world. It's like an alternate take on the real game's Modern Day. Please give feedback. Also this will not use the Shadow Plants, they can go in another world,Project Paradox, wihch is like Modern Day and is a prequel to Time Twister. This version has time themed plants. It is also the only world in PVZ O to be released in parts. With Part 1 and Part 2. Part 1 is more about retunring zombies and old bain busters, while part 2 is more about zombie plants.

    Prepare for Dr. Zomboss' Project Paradox, the Time Twister. Full of time rifts, old and new enemies you aren't looking to forward to seeing, undead plants, and the one thing Dave craves. Get ready for a real party. Time to finish this.

    All gi…

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  • Bearjedi

    I'm going to abandon Great Depression. Here goes.

    This is the Gemium of the world. It sucks 5 zombies into it, doing a different thing to them depending on what shows are on. Then, it releases the zombies, and does the effect. Needs to sleep though after doing this process.

    • Action = Zombies are instantly killed.
    • News = Zombies are sent back to where they started. They are not healed.
    • Sports = Zombies are sent back 3 tiles and are chilled.

    Sun cost: 400

    Recharge: Mediocre

    Almanac entry:

    Celevision is one of the necessities needed in YOUR home. Call (206) 328-0300 today and you could have a chance to win one!

    • It sucks zombies with its antenna.
    • It costs 209 gems.
    • The phone number in the almanac entry is PopCap's phone number.
    • It's a pun on celery and tel…

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  • Lily8763cp

    Note:I will still update Tropic Terror

    This world takes place in 1903, the year that Wright brothers created the first airplane. There's 32 levels in total.

    The world has a mechanic very similar to Castle in the Sky, there's a sky that you can't plant on expect for air plants.

    Blover and Hurrikale, due to their ability has a very slow recharge in this world.

    Zombies in air vehicles can instantly run over and destroy any plants in the sky on Cotton Clouds or just in general expect for Primal Wall-nut (immune to crushing), Cotton Cloud and Spinapple.

    The first part (if parts are used) is called departure and the second part is called landing, a reference to how airplane flights are usually scheduled.

    King Pea also has ideas for this world you can …

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  • Wikia-Critic

    Seed Packets

    December 2, 2015 by Wikia-Critic

    I will be able to make seed packets for PvZ:O. World seed packets will take longer, but both can be requested. I will make both regardless of if they're requested or not. Start requesting now! Oh, and also, I'll put every seed packet by me here too.

    NOTE: I will add more to the galleries later.

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  • MangledMangle

    The Electrodome is a world that takes place in a 70's prom party. The music here is thumping, and the party don't stop till the zombies drop dead! Again! Anyways, this world has two gimmicks. Jams, like NMT, but with a bit of a twist. That twist is the Dance Floor. The ground here changes color and patterns depending on the jam that's playing. While music affects the zombies, the lights of the floor affect the plants. 

    • Jams: Much like NMT, they affect zombies and can activate special abilities. This time though, just one jam can slow down some zombies while speeding up others. They are as follows:
      • Rock: Rock speeds up zombies that react to Jazz, as well as Graffiti Zombies, and slows down zombies that react to Disco. Activates Rock Zombie's,…

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  • Bubblefan123

    This is the first blog post of the "ridiculous blog post" series of blog posts

    Viewer discretion is advised and reading this blog post can and WILL cause brain damage when read due to extreme ridiculous-ness

    So you're better off doing something else, otherwise you WILL suffer from witnessing the deadliest disease in existence in action...


    TBD, maybe...

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  • Dramatic Act - 1875 Theatre World

    the world's gimmick is a great idea, i thought it was exactly the same as NMT's music gimmick, but then i read that it only applies per level and not per wave, good concept :)

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  • Dramatic Act - 1875 Theatre World

    1.If we make this early, the Cosplay Peashooter should maybe be in it :P

    2.Whirl-Pea also isn't a peashooter variant (but idk if you read my unfinished Tropic Terror world yet) 

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  • Dramatic Act - 1875 Theatre World

    Please can someone make this a User Blog? I thought I was making a blog the entire time.

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  • Thecoollittlepeashooter

    New world idea! :d

    Apple saucer - Flies above the ground and drops sticky apple sauce which slows down the zombies, can only be defeated by catapults or laser blasts.

    Gatling Pea - It is the era after the war, right? Shoots small damaging peas in an endless stream.

    Bearberry - Attacks zombies near it, does group damage and after a period of time, leaves the lawn damaging  zombies on its way (Can move in any pattern on the lawn)

    Yam Slam - Face-plants the ground, causing small fissures on the 3 spaces in front of it.

    Flaxophone - Stun zombies in front of it while doing damage.

    Skunk Cabbage - Makes zombies in the lane all get stunned and lose 30% of their health.

    Roaring Zombie

    Roaring Conehead

    Roaring Buckethead

    Roaring flag Zombie

    TV screen zombie -…

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  • King Pea

    This is my rough outline for the Great Depression. Please give feedback to improve it.

    Stock Market: The stock market affects plants, zombies and the sun in the Great Depression. It has three forms: stable, high and low. A chart in the background of the lawn indicates form it's in. The chart will be yellow when stable, red when low, and green when high. When stable, sun is worth 50, when low, sun is worth 25 and it falls less often, and when high, sun is worth 75 and falls much faster.

    Pistachio: Acts like a sun bank. Click and hold to store sun. The longer it is held, the more sun is stored. Click again to release the sun for later use. It also has elevated toughness.

    Parflip: Flips plants, making them attack backwards.

    Trash Shroom: Lobs gar…

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  • King Pea

    The Time Twister is the final world in Plants vs. Zombies Online. The Player, Crazy Dave and Penny have battled zombies all across time in search of a taco. Penny finally locates the taco but it turns out it is outside the flow of time in a timeless void, the Time Twister. They transport there and discover that Dr. Zomboss is waiting for them and that he has fused every time period together to make the Time Twister. The trio must defeat the zombies and restore the flow of time. Upon defeating this world, Crazy Dave consumes the golden taco and tells Penny that he wants to travel back in time and eat again, causing Penny to say here we go again.

    Welcome to the Time Twister, a place where time doesn't flow. In this impossible reality, zombies…

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  • Thecoollittlepeashooter

    Made for yolo.


    Primal peashooter - Fires giant boulders that stun zombies with a chance of pushin' 'em back.

    Primal wall-nut

    Costs more than a Wall-nut but recharges fast.

    Primal Sunflower

    Gives big suns but recharges slower.

    Primal Potato Mine

    Slower arming but explodes in a 3x3 area.

    Primal Chomper

    Same as King Pea's version but can eat 4 zombies and chews longer.

    Primal Cabbage-pult

    Throws huge cabbage at zombies but recharges slower.

    Primal Flower Pot


    Primal Garlic

    Acts like a Wall-nut, but diverts zombies in front of it when tapped on, needs to recharge befre tapping again.


    Enchants dinos in a lane to work for you.







    Tyrannosaurus Rex



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  • King Pea

    Hey guys this is my outline for Jurassic Marsh, please keep in mind that this is my outline and not the final one for PVZ O. This just my ideas for it and I am completely open to feedback. Hopefully from the feedback I get we can make the perfect Jurassic Marsh all together. Also since this world isn't released some stuff I say is my speculation.

    Description: Take a trip back to the dawn of time where dinosaurs run amuck, plants are primitive and the zombies are taking their first steps. The plants and zombies have begun their eternal battle that will last until the end of time, but the dinosaurs are caught in the middle of the conflict, and they'll help whoever they please.

    Dinosaurs: Dinosaurs are initally neutral and can't harm plants dir…

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  • Bonkchoy 150

    This page will contain a discussion/discussions relative to anybody who knows what Scratch is, a website where anyone can create their own projects, mainly games. Click here to check it out.


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  • Frostshooter

    plant pics

    October 21, 2015 by Frostshooter

    ask for plants and i will make a picture for them!

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  • King Pea

    Hey guys, this is my new blog series with an outline of my ideal version of a world in PVZ O. None of this is final, heck I want suggestions, but I hope you like my ideas and I welcome yours. The first ideal world outline I am doing is Neon Mixtape Tour, hope you like.

    Neon Mixtape Tour

    Gimmicks: Nighttime: No sun falls from the sky. Music: During a level the music changes and certain zombies react to certain tunes. There is also multiple remixes of UB and DM themes in my version which work like the regular tunes.

    Plants: Phat Beet Celery Stalker Thyme Warp Electric Blueberry Garlic Spore Shroom Intensive Carrot Bloom Box Heavy Petal

    Zombies: Neon Zombie Neon Conehead Neon Buckethead Neon Flag Punk Zombie Glitter Zombie MC Zom-B Impunk Heavy M…

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  • The Magic Star

    Digital Revolution is a world in Plants vs. Zombies Online. It is based off the Digital Revolution.

    • Lag: Plants become slower, making Server Wheat useful here.
    • Glitch: Zombies appear out of nowhere

    Let's go digital and head back to the 1900s! Defeat the techno zombies of yesterday with the digital plants of the past!

    +10 new plants!

    +5 new zombies!

    +29 new levels!

    +1 Boss Battle!

    +1 Endless Zone!

    Last Stand

    Locked and Loaded

    Save Our Seeds

    Pixel Plummet (Whack-a-Zombie)


    • Server Wheat
    • Calliflower
    • Internut
    • Pixel Grape
    • Bell-shroom
    • P-Mail
    • Blazil
    • Tesla Tree (Gemium)
    • I-tea Leaf (Coinium)
    • Mechanic Coconut (Endium)

    • Innovator Zombie
    • Conehead Innovator
    • Buckethead Innovator
    • Flag Innovator
    • Idea Imp
    • Digital Gargantuar
    • Overheater Zombie
    • Pixel Shooter Zombie
    • Cellular Zombie
    • Gam…

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  • Wikia-Critic

    NOTE: I only need ideas for the zombies. I have everything else planned (except from Blank-Nut's new ability).

    It takes place in 1410. Nuff' said.

    Paintdrops can fall down from the sky onto a tile, covering it with paint. You can't plant on a tile which is covered with paint. They can fall onto occupied tiles.

    • - Mirabelle Plum - It protects all plants in a 3x3 area around it from Paintdrops.
    • - Plantbrush - It flicks sap at zombies. If a zombie gets too close, it flicks sap into their eyes, stunning them. After stunning a zombie, it has to recharge.
    • - Blank-Nut - It can be planted on. NEW ABILITY WANTED

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  • Lily8763cp


    This world is a world set in a tropic future in recently token over Hawaii. Puddles can't be planted on by anything but aquatic plants and they randomly appear, summoned by rain or the Water Buckethead Zombie. There is a total of 35 levels in this world.

    • Puddles- These puddles will be created and disappear randomly, only water plants can be planted on these puddles and they will die if the puddles disappear in 5 seconds, but the Leek can make puddles...and make that tile a permanent puddle unless the plant that removes all water is used. Any other fire plant can evaporate puddles nearby in a 3x3 area but if a whole row becomes puddles, it becomes a wat…

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  • King Pea

    Hey guys, here is my outline for the roman world before a page is made. I hope you like and pleasse give suggesstions.

    Fall of Rome


    Two Lawns: Gladiator and Pompeii lawns, both have different mechanics and zombies as well as endless zones

    Ash clouds: Similar to frosty winds these will calcifiy and cover plants in ash freezing them. Ice plants are immune and cool down nearby plants. Zombies frozen in ash can also appear. On Pompeii Lawn

    Scorched Tiles: Mt. Vesuvius may rain down fire balls that acn urn tiles making them unable to be planted on for a while. It will destroy plants on the tile when the fireball lands. On Pompeii Lawn

    Crowd: In the arena, the crowd may either throw sun and money at you, or tomatoes at your plants. On Arena …

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  • Thecoollittlepeashooter

    Hello, a bureacrat is here, I want to talk about this wiki's progress.

    From the start, we were a small community with a pretty bad Wiki, and now look! Look at the progress! We have a bot, the background changed, many pages are made! But, we won't stop now, we will continue to make it better :)

    I have recorded most of the progress:

    1. The Wikia was created.
    2. Multiple pages were made.
    3. We had fun in the forum.
    4. I was promoted to b-crat.
    5. Other people were promoted to b-crat.
    6. The background was made.
    7. Multiple users were demoted.
    8. We got permission to make PvZO.
    9. We started to make pages.
    10. New rules.
    11. We decorated the Wikia with CSS.
    12. More rules.
    13. Staff page made.
    14. The records and other pages were made.
    15. We started to work on blogs.
    16. Font changed.
    17. I have disabled new galleries. …
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  • King Pea

    Ten Nights at Teddy's

    July 31, 2015 by King Pea

    Hey guys, with the recent reales of FNAF 4, which was awesome, I was inspired to make my own FNAF fan game, and here is my idea for it until I eventually learn how to make it, or get help. If anybody has heard of or played Five Nights at Candy's it's going to be close to that. Anyway on to my game, Ten Nights at Teddy's:

    Plot: The game is set in Teddy's Radical Restaurant, a new establishment with state-of-the-art animatronics. Anyway after their biggest competitor Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria closed own, their business has sky rocketed, heck one of the new business partners originally worked at Freddy Fazbears. Anyway, with more customers means more staff and this is where you come in. You are hired as a security guard to cover the night shif…

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  • King Pea

    Hey guys, on this blog I will post my outline for our Stone Age world, however before we make it a page, I'd like to hear your suggestions and stuff, anyway without further delay, here it is:

    Jurassic Jungle

    Description: Welcome to the dawn of time where primitive zombies and undead dinosaurs run amuck. It's dangerous out here and you'll need the help of all your prehistoric plants to defeat this ancient primal evil that lurks in this dense jungle.


    Egg Storm: Eggshell imps are dropped by pterodactyls, they are only shadows like the plane in the LC boss fight.

    There is water that can take up columns


    Beeshooter: Shoots spikes, has a chance to shoot honey or a bee swarm.

    Tricarrotops: When closer to house fires a three carrot homes,…

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  • Mr. Fire Pea


    Help Gevolon get the 8 Dark Gems and defeat the evil Dark Spirit and his henchmen.

    The game is easy at first but gets very tricky when you progress.

    Get stamina, life, damage and speed upgrades to become the strongest.

    Good luck.


    Arrow keys: move

    Left mouse click: shoot

    Right mouse click: use object/action

    Z key: drag crates (when you're close to one)

    M key: toggle sound


    The story begins in a far, far away kingdom known as, the Grahkon Kingdom. One day, a mysterious being from a mysterious dimension known as the Dark Spirit has set a curse on the kingdom, summoning malevolent abominations in it. The 8 Dark Gems can lift the curse and Gevolon will do it. Can Gevolon get the 8 Dark Gems and defeat the Dark Spirit?

    I hope…

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  • Baconboys

    African safari!

    July 16, 2015 by Baconboys

    Welcome! we hope you are having a good trip, because the zombies have caught up to you.

    fight new zombies like, the zombie poacher, lion rider, and jeep zombie.

    The new gimmicks:

    •Sun falls much more often, but it is only worth 25 sun each

    •tall grass: the last 4 collumns will be covered in tall grass, plants can not be planted in tall grass, and plants can not see zombies in tall grass. tall grass can be damaged by fire plants, and blade plants, like bloomerang!. (zombies heads can be seen through grass, just not by the plants)

    • special event is called HATARI!! where several bird zombies fall out of the sky.

    Endless zone. is called savannah showdown.

    starting plants are:

    Pea shooter, Sun flower, Wall nut, And weed wacker.

    List of new plants. (mor…

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  • King Pea

    Atomic Apocalypse is a world that takes place between Far Future and Distant Coldfront, a nuclear war has ravaged the world covering it with radiation and as a result the zombies and plants have mutated in order to adapt to the harsh environment. While the radiation is wearing off and the goop is decomposing, a big clean up is still needed.


    Radiation: After a couple minutes without protection or if a radioactive storm hits a plant they will mutate, certain plants are immune to radiation and can protect others.

    Atomic Goop: This unstable substance will boost zombies if they walk on it and boost plants if they are planted on it. When a zombie walks on it they turn green and grow similar to if they drink potions in Dark Ages, same thin…

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  • Thecoollittlepeashooter

    Should we make pages like this?

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  • Itsleo20

    Pompeii's Destruction is a world (entry) for Plants vs. Zombies Online.


    COST: 25 sun

    REFRESH: Mediocre

    Cools plants in a 3x3 area, to prevent them from overheating.

    COST: 250 sun

    RANGE: 3 Tiles

    REFRESH: Mediocre

    Attack Speed: 2.8 seconds

    Turns zombies in range to stone, stopping the zombie permanently, but doubling the zombie's health.

    See here: Thief Leaf

    COST: 25 sun

    RANGE: Single

    REFRESH: Mediocre

    Shatters the rock layer of a petrified zombie, turning it into a normal zombie.

    COST: 350 sun

    RANGE: Lane

    REFRESH: Sluggish

    DAMAGE: Large (15 NDS)

    AOE: Tile

    Tap to aim a giant orange somewhere in the lane.

    COST: 150 sun

    DAMAGE: Light (0.5 NDS)

    AOE: Single (fires latches on to nearby zombies as well)

    Burns the target zombie, and fire spreads to nearby zombies.


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  • MangledMangle

    In celebration of "'Murica Day" (July 4th) I made this (to date this even more).

    PLZ NTE!: This is just a concept. Most things will probably change, including names, actions, etc.

    American Discovery is a world created by MangledMangle. It takes place when  America was first discovered and explorered, more specifically in 1492. The lawn takes place on a beach, however tides are not a problem. Sometimes, Native Zombies can come from the forest around the lawn and move on forward. Otherwise, American Explorer Zombies will wash up on shore and move onward.

    It's 1492, and the plants have made a terrifying discovery; the zombies are headed straight for them, and their own discovery (of brains)! Set up your defenses, and keep those zombies from sett…

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  • Bubblefan123

    Moved Here:

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  • Gummyboys

    My new world

    June 30, 2015 by Gummyboys

    Welcome traveler to the year of 1896 where you have made your way to alaska to make yourself a fortune! However zombies have attacked so you need protection, use new plants like the bladderwart, goldenrod, yam slam, and more! Mine gold like a pro and utilize a creek running down the middle of the map to kill those pesky prospectors, its your gold after all.

    •New plants!

    •New zombies!

    •Golden Ore which can be harvested by goldenrod.

    •River to plant aquatic plants on!

    •Over 35 new levels, plenty time to get rich!

    •Many more things i have forgot to mention!

    Okay so the basic premises of this world is that there is a creek running from the top of the screen down, it is 3 blocks wide and aquatic plants may be planted in it. Aswell as Golden ore, some …

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  • ErnestoAM

    Forum Games

    June 29, 2015 by ErnestoAM

    Just wanted to ask, are there forum games here like "Ban the User Above You" or "Countdown Before An Admin or Higher Reply"?

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  • ErnestoAM

    HD Plants

    June 28, 2015 by ErnestoAM

    Is there anyone who can make HD remakes of these plants listed below, they don't have the right resolution for size.

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  • King Pea

    Killer Kombat

    June 15, 2015 by King Pea

    Hey there, this is my blog on a fighting game I want to make in the future. If you have any suggestions or want to help on it's development, post a comment or leave a message on my talk page, keep in mind I'm working on PVZ O currently and this is more of a side project. Anyway the game is a 2D-3D fighting game that I intend to make on Unity if I can ever learn it, and it will have a basic arcade mode, single fights and two player. I will even add a story mode. I will now list each character and their special moves. The characters have their own special moves and a special gimmick unique to them.

    Bruce is a anthropomorphic bear who is a soldier. He has endured countless wars and is an expert in combat. He can wield any weapon, drive anythin…

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  • BeyondSacrifice

    Wow, okay, now season 1 of my interactive game has finally been finished. Yes! I hope you will like it, this wiki needs some originality, because 99% of this is some (stupid, my opinion) PVZ games.

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  • Thecoollittlepeashooter

    If anyone needs a certain color code and isn't good with coding or CSS or color codes, use this

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  • Dr Crzzy Dave

    I just found out that I have 69 edits, but now, a blog post counts as an edit. So R.I.P 69 edits... xD

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  • Mathdude314

    Hi, I'm here to write a little puzzle :)

    You're in a room with 3 people. One of them always tells the truth, one always lies, and one is random, sometimes lying and sometimes telling the truth. To make matters worse, you don't know ANY of them!

    Here are the puzzles:

    • 1 question: Suppose it's known that the random person is a serious criminal. You want to take one of them with you as a traveling companion, but you don't want a criminal! You have 1 question to figure out who's not the random person. (It's ok to take the liar with you)
    • 2 questions: There are two doors. One of them leads to treasure, the other has a fierce dragon that will eat you right away if you open his door. You are allowed to ask 2 questions to figure out the safe door.
    • 3 questions:…
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  • Thecoollittlepeashooter

    The first contest on PVZCC has started!!!!111!!!1111!!!

    Read more >

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