A Lair of Consequences
Season 01, Episode 02
Vital statistics
Air date 24 May, 2015
Written by RSunny
Directed by FFL community
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Fusion Matters In Harm's Way

"A Lair of Consequences", also called Episode 2, is the second of the six episodes of the interactive game Fuse's Return. This episode was created and published to the FFL forums and on 24 May, 2015. It was later uploaded on Kongregate for easier access.

This episode serves as the outcome of Episode 1, whether you went to help alone, while never wanted to do in the first place, helped alone when you did, or asked for help.


After Bubbles' gone missing, you find a strange fusion lair in the middle of the forest, you trace it belongs to Fusion Utonium and you decide to help out or jump in. The choices are tough in this episode, but not as tough as the next one. Good luck.


Coming Soon


The Player  


Ben Tennyson 

Numbuh 1  




Fusion Utonium  



Fusion Utonium (Determinant)

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